Glitches, other-wise known as bugs, cause either wanted or unwanted effects do to an error in the game.


*The Box Glitch*Edit

The box glitch is when you equip the c. box when going prone(dropping down to the ground before you crawl). Equip the box and tap o so your standing again. Hold x and when you start to drop quickly tap o and when you hold R instead of looking out of the box you will see your feet. Now, you can go anywhere you would be able to crawl with your box. For example, in the base with the towers, put your box (has to be glitched) in the side of the tower and you will be sucked in. Quickly tap o when in the middle of it to stay in the tower.(Note if you dont go prone in the tower your not invincible at first because people, on their screen, may see you running outside the tower so to fix it go prone and stand back up again).