All of the weapons and items that you have to use to kill your enemies.

Assault RiflesEdit


Sniper RiflesEdit

1. SVD-other wise known as dragunov, is the only sniper in the game that damages people.

2. Mosin n is the only sniper in the game that stuns people.


Sub-Machine GunsEdit


1. The <put name here> grenade stops people in infinity mission from using the radio and online it stops people from saying stuff like, "Go Go Go!" or "Hold It!"

2. The flash bang grenade lower everyone's stamina thats around it.

3. The regulare grenade damages people.

4. Pythons <put name here> grenade freezes people's weapons so they cant use them for a while and reduces peoples stamina.


1. The stun knife does no damage and only shows a cool lightning run through the enemy.

2. The combat knife is for hand-to-hand combat and your able to use cqc with it.

3. The SP. knife is like the combat knife and also you can launch it at people.

Land MinesEdit

1. Sadly, the only land mine in the game is the claymore. It does low damage and only explode when you shoot or walkinto it.